Real Talk Tobacco

Meet ASH

June 29, 2021 Action on Smoking & Health Season 1 Episode 1
Real Talk Tobacco
Meet ASH
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss ASH’s history in tobacco control as the oldest anti-tobacco organization and some of our greatest accomplishments. Laurent and Chris share the exciting moment in our field right now as it relates to “endgame” or ending the tobacco epidemic in California and other jurisdictions around the world.  


Advancing Momentum for A Tobacco-Free California 

Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach, California Make History for Public Health 

 Ban on the Sale of All Tobacco Products in Beverly Hills 

Manhattan Beach Ordinance 

 New Zealand:

 An end to cigarettes? New Zealand aims to create smoke-free generation

 Phasing out smoking: The Tobacco-Free Generation policy 

 Tobacco Free Generation


 Endgame Declaration of Tobacco In Spain 2030


 France's Macron Aims to Tackle Tobacco and Alcohol in 10-Year Cancer Plan


 Commission (finally) releases Europe’s Beating Cancer plan 

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About Action on Smoking & Health:

ASH is working toward a world free from the harm caused by tobacco and advocates for innovative legal and policy measures to end the global tobacco epidemic.